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Why Tealina

When you develop a full-stack project directly with TypeScript, you may encounter the following issues:

  1. Extensive Type Definitions: There's a need to define numerous types, especially models. Although Prisma offers type generation, the generated types are complex.
  2. Documentation: Without using GraphQL, Swagger is almost the only option. However, it relies on JSDoc, meaning you have to rewrite parameter types in comments.
  3. API Calls: When making API calls from the frontend, you need to redefine the types related to the API. tRPC is a good choice, but unfortunately, it doesn't have documentation generation.

Tealina has solved the above problems without invasion:

  1. Use the gtype command to generate simpler types for front-end and document use

  2. Extract document information directly from the code using the gdoc command

  3. Implement end-to-end types using type aliases and a few conventions

Additionally, using Tealina to develop APIs with built-in documentation is simpler, requiring only a type rich function